Dimes on Time

At Hartman Basketball we pride ourselves on staying "true" to the game. This includes focusing on the old-school fundamentals as well as the history of the game. It also means that we give back to the game and hope to encourage others to do so! That's why we're introducing the Dimes On Time Ambassador Program


The Dimes On Time Ambassador program is a tool used to develop our Assist Ambassadors. "Droppin' dimes on time" is a phrase that is used to signify a player making a great pass to a teammate for an easy score. Statisticians call these passes assists hence, our Assist Ambassadors.


Our Assist Ambassadors are young men and women who embody the vision and mission of Hartman Basketball. These people possess a unique passion for coaching, teaching, and reaching their fellow athletes and communities not just for basketball but also for the game of life! They don't strive to simply be fishermen; they strive to be fishers of men!


The roles of our ambassadors vary from mentoring to performing community service as well as speaking to youth groups and at other community functions. 


Assist Ambassadors are chosen through an application process only. This program is for serious and dedicated young men and women. Those chosen will be mentored to directly by Hartman Basketball staff members.